Enhance Your Business SEO With Voice Search

5th Mar 2019
Enhance Your Business SEO With Voice Search

Voice search is the game-changing weapon in SEO. In this technological world, users’ keeps changing the practices so the businesses have to be constantly adapt new techniques to stay ahead of their competitors.

The same is happening with today’s SEO. Before the rise of voice search, we know about how individuals searched their queries. But, now the image has changed. The constant revolution has made us communicate via computer than through mobile and then smartphones. Texting was a good method, but it needs concentration and time. In certain situations, you cannot text or type that you are looking for in mobiles. So, voice search is becoming a favourite choice for search among individuals.

Big companies are already having distinct digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Echo, Google assistant, etc. speaking is much easier than typing for many people and hence the voice search is gaining popularity globally in a speedy way.

To improve your SEO with voice Search you can try this –


This can be tricky but easy. There would be a huge difference in the keywords a user uses while typing and speaking. For instance, when you are looking for a place to eat Chinese food around you, you will type the best place for Chinese food in Madrid. But when you speak you may use which is the best place for eating Chinese around me. So think as you talk while choosing the keywords.

For locals

When users are searching for something from mobile, they may not speak about location as generally, mobile knows the location through GPS so it’s a good opportunity for locals to get business through voice search.

So the voice can do a lot for your business. Make most of it by choosing the right keywords for voice search.