Do This to Improve your Click Through Rate Instantly
17th Oct 2018
Do This to Improve your Click Through Rate Instantly

For many individuals, Google AdWords Campaign is very simple – Writing your adverts, adding some primary keywords, entering the required card details and watch the sales and inquiries begin coming in, right?

Well not completely, as you need to do more…

Unstructured or unmanaged AdWords account can be responsible for low click-through rates of your adverts that results in low or no traffic, enquiries or sales that you are expecting.

To improve AdWords CTR and to perk up your Google AdWords traffic, follow these tips –

Use all Kinds of Ad Extension

To make your ad out of the box, use a complete range of extensions as this would upsurge the size of your ads. Additionally, this will make them appear more pleasant and relevant improving the click-through rate.

Some of the extensions you can use are –

  • Sitelink Ad Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Structured Snippet Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Price Extensions
  • Message Extensions
  • Location Extensions, etc.

Write Convincing Advert Copy

Very easy to hear, but requires time and efforts because unless you do not write the best and engaging adverts including strong calls to action your advert performance will be common. You can experiment in this by seeing competitors’ adverts.

Use Target Keywords in Adverts

Your CTRs will be poor if you are not incorporating the targeted keywords in adverts. Comprise the target keyword in the headline and also in the ad copy and yet again in the present URL for better results.

Title Capitalization in Your Adverts is Beneficial

With the use of title case in the advert, you can make it look more impressive and it is also a proven way of increasing AdWords CTR.

Utilize the Advert Display URL Efficiently

You can use the display URL to reinforce the keywords you are using in your Ad Groups. Instead of simply displaying your actual website address, create an address that is not real but appears highly significant to the search query you desire your advert to show for.

Know the Competition

Improving yourself is not enough especially when completion is tough. Keep an eye on the competitors to know their strategies and learn new advert ideas from them as well to beat them. You can also boost the SEO of your website and attain the desired results.

Adjust your Bids more Often

Regular review of your bid prices is important and make certain you are firstly bidding adequate for appearing on the first page or second that high enough for getting a decent click-through rate and eventually cost-efficient conversion rate. You can use Bid Adjustments at some stage in when you identify individuals are more likely to buy.