Trendy Website Navigation Designs for Better Rankings
4th Oct 2018
Trendy Website Navigation Designs for Better Rankings

Don’t let the visitors lost in the maze.

Choose the appropriate and handy website navigation design.

One of the most important factors contributing to enhancing your search engine rankings of an e-commerce website is a deliberated navigation of it. Having a well-planned and well-designed website will help in reducing the bounce rate, increases clicks and boosts page view. A website with easy, informative and quick navigation helps customers to make better decisions that turn to perk up your sales.

So, picking the right navigation design from the vast array is very important and it depends on the distinctive requirements of the particular website.

Here are some trendy website navigation design options you can choose from –

Mega menus

Mega menus can be a good option as they appear different from the more common ones. This is better and useful for the websites having loads of inter-related items and options. This is because these expand wider with manifold pieces of content.

Sticky navigation bars

If you want your users to navigate and explore the website from anywhere on the pages, sticky navigation bars is your right choice. The sticky bars chase the users as they scroll. It helps them to be on the right path without getting misplaced.

Responsive navigation menu

Responsive website design is very common nowadays so why not responsive navigation menus. For e-commerce shopping cart or product page, you can use responsive sub-navigation menu that appears better on mobile devices. It makes more users shop and browses your website. Perk up their user-experience ultimately boosts your sales and popularity.


This is perhaps the most admired and used style of navigation containing links anywhere along the peak of a website, usually beside with the company name or logo. If you want a simple, regular design then horizontal navigation design is the best choice.

Scrolled or fixed menu

A design with the fixed menu can be supportive for websites with long pages as in this the navigation relics fixed on the top of the page even when you scroll it up or down.

No navigation

Yes! No navigation is the best option for crisp, still and small websites that want to offer focused content with the least distractions for the visitors and users.

Be creative

For bringing an extra touch of elegance and uniqueness to your website, you can create your own kind of navigation design.