Is SEO for Mobile Apps Essential for Organic Installs?
6th Sep 2018
Is SEO for Mobile Apps Essential for Organic Installs?

The answer is definitely YES.

In last few years focus on the mobile-friendly website is grown that means the seo on getting apps indexed too. Now, it becomes important to focus on SEO for mobile apps also for improving visibility and get more organic installs. Mobile web search is expanding significance and can’t be overlooked by app developers and marketers. Your company now should have an app developed from the best App Developers Mumbai to stay ahead in the competition.

Here, we can help you know how SEO is important for mobile apps

So let’s begin with the beginning

Attain position in app-specific search results

There are several app stores available and the best way to get noticed is to make top position in the best app stores. This will make you visible among more users and organic installs. You can achieve this with right and attractive single Snippet and app packs.

Single snippets are the brief extract or piece of information about an app flashes as a search result. So, choose punchy, easy-to-understand and effective snippet for your apps.

Also, try to arise in app packs. App pack is a collection of apps flashes as a result of any app search query counting three or six apps.

Consider the ranking aspects

Professionals in Mobile Application Development Company in India provide best web development as well as SEO services. They take care of ASO to improve rankings of your apps in play store.

The algorithm used by Google for suggesting and ranking the apps in the mobile SERPs is not the same uses to suggest and rank apps in the Mobile SERPs is diverse from the one used by the app stores. Hence, keywords rankings for the app won’t be the similar on Play Store and in the web search. But, ASO app store optimization is a bit similar to SEO that can help you in upsurge your rankings.

Some similar ranking aspects are

On-page factors: URL, Title, App Name, descriptions, etc. for iOS apps the description has nothing to do with ASO, but for SEO, a yes.

Off-page factors: user ratings and reviews, installs volume, backlinks from genuine and good websites.

So it is vital to do good SEO for mobile apps and gain the desired results.