Top 2017 SEO Blogs Contenders For 2018

15th Dec 2017

The year 2017 is coming to an end. The new year 2018 is almost on the door steps. The current top SEO blogs have managed to maintain their position throughout 2017. In the ever changing world of the internet, these SEO blogs have still remained on top of the popularity charts at the end of the year. Will they remain on the top in 2018? Only time can tell. Are you a business owner looking to increase traffic on your website? Or a blog user trying to attract readers? Whoever you are, you need to keep abreast of the advances in the SEO field. There are over a 100 SEO blogs on the net. As it is not possible to read all we have shortlisted a few blogs which are considered leaders in SEO technical know how.

1)Search Engine Land: This site is one of the leaders in the field of SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Paid Search Advertising). Danny Sullivan, California-based technologist, is the co-founder of Search Engine Land. He along with Chris Sherman are industry veterans in the field of search marketing. If you require any information on SEO, Search Engine Land is a one-stop shop for it. Search marketing is a vast field and to learn more about it Search Engine Land is the place to start with.

With over a million viewers, this site has every right to be in the top 2017 SEO blogs list.

2) Moz: Moz has been around on the net for over a decade. I find this name rather cute for a website and is easy to remember. But that’s not the reason why they are famous for. Moz is an authority in the field of SEO. They also provide software, tools, and resources to enhance your marketing campaign. Though some of the material found on Moz is paid, you will find many free services for SEO education, tips and tricks, and other useful things. It would not be a wonder if this site also features as the top SEO blogs of 2018.

3)SEMrush: This SEO and IT specialists group started out on a smaller scale in 2008. Now it has expanded to more than 400 employees in four different countries. That speaks a lot of their popularity. This SEO blog provides business owners with the best practices of search engine optimization. Their informative posts deals with the latest happenings in SEO zone, ways to improve internet traffic and how to avoid penalties. Surely worth a second look.

4)SEO Book: Another favorite contender for the 2018 SEO top blogs, this site is more than a decade old. It was founded by Aaron Wall who is considered one of the reputed names in the online marketing industry. They claim that their techniques and strategies are not based on theory but rather on experience, hard work and actual practice. There are a lot of features available for the SEO enthusiast looking to enhance his knowledge. SEO Book is for the advanced user who knows the basics and wants to get into more deeper technical aspects.

5) Hubspot: This list of SEO blogs would not be complete without the mention of Hubspot. Its blog provides easy to understand information on SEO tools, news and analysis, and how to conduct internet marketing tips. If you need to know about web design, sales and marketing and other aspects of search engine strategies, visit their website for more information.

6)Yoast: Last, but certainly not the least, we have to mention Yoast in this list. One of the top SEO blogs, the motto of Yoast is to make your website work. There are many websites currently existing on the web. But they are not in working order unless they are properly optimized for the web. Yoast makes that possible. They make sure that your website navigates easily and quickly. They use SEO so that your website is found easily by search engines. The informative SEO literature on their website is read by millions of users and is gaining popular each day. It would be no surprise if Yoast figures in next year’s top SEO blogs list.

Though there are other sites which could make it to this list, we thought the above are the most popular ones. It would be interesting to note whether they would have the same ratings in the 2018 list.