Tips to Increase Website Traffic Within a Short Time

12th Dec 2017

It is raining websites. They have become so popular that when a new business is started first and foremost the promoters consider having a website. It is estimated that around 100 thousand websites are launched every day around the world. A new website is like a new born deer in the jungle. It should be up and running withing a short time. If it does not, it is likely to pounced upon and devoured by its predators (read competitors). How do you make your website stand apart from million other websites? If it is a new website how do you increase the traffic within a short time?

1) SEO: What is that?: If your website is not optimized for SEO you are as good as invisible to the world. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is allowing internet search engines to locate your website. This allows people who are looking for your products to be directed to your website. The right SEO can attract valuable clients to your website whereas the wrong one will make you hidden behind tons of search results. If you can, hire an SEO consultant who can provide the much needed guidance and boost to lift your website from ground zero.

2) Socialize: Social media is a powerful tool to reach out to prospective customers. Creating a presence on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is absolutely essential to draw traffic to your brand new website. It helps in recognition of your brand and create a client base. You can open a channel of communication with key audiences through the use of social media. Remember to use different approaches for various social media. A Facebook strategy might not be as effective on LinkedIn and vice versa. Use social media to your advantage to make your website popular as fast as possible.

3) Provide a feedback page: Enable your website users to provide feedback and queries. Review and respond regularly! It can be very frustrating if a client asks a query and nobody responds. Clarifying their doubts promptly helps them take decisions which are positive for your business. A lady was fascinated by a mobile cover guard on a website but was hesitating because she not sure whether it would fit her mobile model. She posted a query on the website mentioning her mobile brand and model. She got a response immediately through mail with a pic of a similar mobile and the cover fitted to it. Result: The lady placed an order immediately.

4) Is your website user-friendly?: Are potential clients able to navigate your website pages easily? Do they come to dead ends on some pages and do not know where to proceed? Your website might be built by the most creative designers in the world who know all about how to make attractive websites. But if they do not know how to make customer-friendly designs, your website is almost as good as nothing. Navigation is one of the important aspects of browsing a website and it can either break or make your online business’ future success. So do a thorough check of your website’s navigation elements before going online.

5) Make Google your best friend: You might be wondering why only ‘google friendly’ when there are other search engines available such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc. If you want the answer, ask any average person which search engine he or she uses on the net. Most likely he or she will respond ‘Google’. Google was and will continue to be everyone’s favorite search engine at least for some time to come. So doing everything that Google likes is going to be favorable for your website. This includes having appropriate SEO keywords, great quality content, fast loading website, attractive design and layout, as well as appropriate usage of videos and images. Do not try to cheat Google just for SEO by spamming, key word stuffing and adding bad links as Google has advanced techniques to catch such offenders.

In this cutthroat competitive online business, every strategy and every technique counts. Use them to your advantage to get the traffic to your website fast.