Right Positions For Links For More Clicks

30th Nov 2018
Right Positions For Links For More Clicks

As the use of websites and social media pages is intensively increasing, the businesses are quickly embracing SEO for advertising and selling their products. Businesses are getting familiar and used to the SEO for enhancing their social visibility and online business.

In SEO, Links are an important part of SEO strategy with noteworthy effects but it depends on their positions. Links plays different role when they are placed on headers, footers, navigation panels and content of any website.

Here, we can help you to understand the effects of Links on a Website when

Placed in content

Links placed in content have more weight. Generally the links in content tends to steal the show as Google and other search engines would identify them to a better level and rank the website higher. For optimum recognition you should place the links in content.

Placed in the footers

Footer links are considered to have least recognition. You may get zero results when the links are placed in footer. The search engines do not make your website to come on higher ranks with these link positions. If it unavoidable to place link in footer make sure you have placed the same enough on other helpful locations.

For getting maximum benefits of your links prefer text links as these are more functional than image links. Google recognizes the text link easily whether you position it in footer, header, navigation panel or in the content. You can use anchor text for images.

Avoid using same links all over

Using similar links and anchor everywhere including header, footer, navigation bar, etc. do not help in gaining Google’s attention or higher rankings.

For more weight, use visible links

For gaining more clicks and Google rankings your links should be easy to see for users. Using very small fonts and tiny links can be missed by users.

So, choose the position of links wisely and gain higher rankings for better business and increased revenues.