Rewrite And Republish The Existing Content To Increase Ranking

30th Nov 2015
Rewrite And Republish The Existing Content To Increase Ranking

Occasionally, wouldn’t it be nice if you get an easy way to publish a piece of interesting content devoid of writing it from scrap?

You are lucky.

Wait… you might be thinking of getting blacklisted by Google for doing so.

Relax this is achievable. The term is called – republishing.

Republishing is the procedure of polishing and updating an old piece of writing and then publishing it ones again on a new date.

Devoting effort and time to republishing advantages your content marketing efforts in numerous effectual ways.

Here are some of the effective tips associated with republishing your own content –

Display old content to a bigger audience

Updating and republishing the old content from the past, gives the opportunity to explore it in increased number of audiences.

This new publicity will bring positive impact and many new audiences to your blog or website.

Increased links and social hits

With the updated and republishing content, you are exposed to get more links and social hits. You will receive the bulk amount of social signals and links. Eventually, the amount of novel links and social shares go down noticeably.

Press the Google’s fresh content button

People like to read and enjoy the fresh content and so do the Google. Hence, a republished article, which has been published before a few years, can bring great improvement in your rankings if upgraded fruitfully. Your blog, content, or website will appear in the higher rankings with the astonishing consequence of newness.

Seize the opportunity to improve

Lastly, as writers, we get better with time.
As older, you get in writing the new you write and better will be your writing. You can use the untouched gems you might have in your records that you can redraft and make them as new ones.
So, for it and find out some old goodies and hit the search engines. However, do the same in a proper and specific manner to avoid any problem.

Here, is a checklist to consider while you refresh your old content for republishing:-

  • Modify the title if the preceding title didn’t work well
  • Revise the text to be current and accurate.
  • Add a pinch of new information.
  • Rewrite segment that are insipid
  • Present new ideas or opinions
  • You can also add up latest images to the post for a supreme effect.

All this will help you achieve desired results fruitfully.