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What is Onpage SEO?

Onpage SEO is an important process to optimize the website to improve its visibility and ranking in the search engines. This is done with coding on the page including actual Meta tags, HTML code, keyword density, keyword placement and more.

We provide on page SEO that incorporates implementation of latest techniques for optimize the website’s position in search results as per the keywords. It is an important as it results in the better rankings of your website along with successful internet marketing.

In our on-page SEO we provide keyword research and selection, meta descriptions tags, Keyword Research, keyword density, meta titles, descriptions, heading tags, alt tags, breadcrumbs, RSS feeds, Schema Markups, site maps and many more

Have a look to understand all the techniques we provide in our On-page SEO.

It is an SEO process of finding the exact keywords or search terms people are using in search engines. SEO experts do keyword research for attaining better rankings in search engines. The keywords can expanded or find similar terms to improve ranks. Some keyword suggesting tools such as Keyword Planner, Google Adwords can be used for getting keyword ideas.

Keyword density is the fraction of period a keyword or phrase found on a page amid of the rest content. In SEO, the keyword density is used as an essential feature to determine whether the web page is significant for a precise keyword or phrase. To find out keyword density, several tools can also be used. The formula for finding keyword density is Keyword Density = (Nkr / Tkn) x 100.

Where, Density is equals to your keyword density

Nkr is equals to the number of times a keyword is repeated

Tkn is equals to the total count of words in the analyzed text.

Keyword targeting is the SEO technique utilizing the relevant keywords and phrase to your brand, service or products in a website to bring your website in top results. For establishing the ideal keywords to target for your business, efficient keyword research is important.

Well-structures URLs play an important role in bringing your website in the top rankings of search engines. The URl has to be kept as simple as possible to let the user search easily.

A Meta title is a vital factor for a fruitful on-page SEO for augmenting the website ranking. The Meta title tags are visible in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The Meta title should have proper length, word count, keywords position for efficient results.

Meta description is HTML attributes providing short and crisp explanations of the contents of web pages. These are generally used on search engine result pages for displaying and describing the glance snippets for a specified page to the users. It should contain 155 characters with targeted keyword with crisp sense for improving rankings in search engines.

Heading tags are used for distinguishing the headings and sub-headings of a web page from the remaining content. The heading tags are also called as the SEO head tags, HTML header tags. H1 to H6 are the heading tags can be used in a web page forming a top-down hierarchy.

Breadcrumbs, a new term in SEO that aids the search engines for structuring your website properly in their index. It helps users to easily navigate from inner page to the main easily. These can be seen in the green text under the description if the website utilizes them.

Alt tag is used for describing images to the search engines. We put images in our content to make it more interesting, understandable and appealing. To make search engine understand the difference between text and images, alt tag is important. With efficient alt tags, your chances of improving the search engines increase with image search queries.

Page loading is defined as the time a webpage takes to open properly. No matters how appealing and attractive your website is, it should load in minimum time as users do not like to wait for long time and move to other site. To improve the user experience page loading on an average for an e-commerce website is 7 seconds and others about 3 seconds or less for loading.

Cascading style sheet and coding can help in improvising the website ranking in search engines. CSS can be directly inserted in the HTML code to make your website look more professional, appealing and organized. With this, you can give different color to the links, hyperlinks, important points, etc.

Sitemap is an easiest and efficient way for webmasters to let the search engines to know about the URLs. In simple words, sitemaps are the XML files listing the URLs for a site. Additional info like last updated, changes, relation with other URLs, etc. can be easily added with sitemap.

An RSS Feed is the effective resource that shows the most updated content from a source. The RSS feed in SEO is important as you can submit RSS feed to other directories for offering another path towards your blog that provides back links to your desired webpage or blog. And, the RSS feed is automatically updated once created when any update is done on the site.

Schema mark up is a sort of microdata making it simplified for the search engines to parse and read the information on your web pages more efficiently. This let the search engines to serve related results to the users based on their search queries. With the addition of schema mark up to your HTML, you can enhance the way your page displays in SERPs by amplifying the rich snippets that are exhibited underneath the page title.

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    Conversations that drives targeted traffic & Adds Social Value to Your Business.


    Conversations that drives targeted traffic & Adds Social Value to Your Business.

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