Learn to use content and SEO for humans

23rd Jun 2016
Learn to use content and SEO for humans

For small businesses and newbie, SEO is a tricky task. SEO is important to appear in search engines. But, what and how to do is the difficult question for many. Fortunately, the solution is very simple – write genuine and interesting content for human.

We all know that content is king, so links would be the queen. The days when we were doing keyword stuffing are gone. But, to rank you need to use the targeted keywords with links in an efficient way so that readers find it interesting. Remember you are writing content to impress your audience that is human not machines or algorithm.

Keywords are just a part of SEO; instead, you require high quality content for improving your website ranking. Try to provide interesting, informative and latest content on your website. Based on your business and things you want to deliver to your audience, make a balance between content and SEO for humans.

Your website is the land of dreams that you can decor in the way you and your audience want. You need to build a site to attract traffic and for that you need to have a domain name matching to the search you are gazing to target. Put proper H1 tags and page titles for precise phrase. Try to utilize the terms in different ways, several times in the content so that your chances of appearing in search becomes higher. Use H2 and alt tags as well wherever possible to improve your visibility.

Making a balance between SEO tricks and content quality is important to reach your targeted audiences. The tone of writing should be similar to what your readers love to read. Today, people are active on social platforms so using the social platforms to groom your visibility in a smarter way.

Optimize your site and make it user friendly so that you are hitting two birds with a single stone. While doing link building think of quality rather than quantity. Get genuine traffic by getting links from relevant sites. You can participate in other blog sites so that you get more readers, visitors to your site. One genuine link can do better than several poor links. Link your new website to your old similar website to grab quick response and good results.

To get all things done efficiently, you can hire the professional SEO Company in Mumbai as they have years of experience in the field and capable to deliver best SEO for humans with result-oriented techniques.