Know the Latest Website Development Trends

16th Oct 2018
Know the Latest Website Development Trends

With the constant innovation and increasing crave for new things among users, the fight to build better digital experiences is getting tougher. It becomes essential to make the digital things filled with fun, information, engaging and intuitive. For attaining success on the web your content should have to be accessible all over, in instantaneous, and, of course, on mobile devices.

Some latest website development trends are discussed here that you can incorporate into your website design and development to be in the winning race.

Single Page Designs

Yes, with the lack of time and abundant choices on the web, people love to get more info in less time. Many developers are now using single page design to provide concise and all-inclusive knowledge to the visitors of their work on a single page.

Mobile Friendly Designs

Mobile friendly designs are not a new term but growing excessively with time. Earlier developers were making the desktop website design to look good on mobiles. Now the scene is constantly changing as the user expectations are growing the developers prefer to make the responsive design for mobiles first and making it compatible for desktops.

A Rise in Push Notification

Push notifications are certainly becoming high-flying, and at present, several sites are now incorporating them into their designs. Basically, push notifications to offer a way for sites to inform you about the availability of the new content without entailing you to check your email or browse to the website. These are great in terms of engagement, specifically when activated for mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to high technologies, AI is the most popular and widely growing term. Some major tech companies, like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, have been liberating their AI technology for public use. Artificial Intelligence is by now used by big applications, either to advance search engines, like in Google’s case or in Wikipedia’s case to classify imprecise or scratched contents.

Page Builder Selections with Modular Page Creations

Page builders work by facilitating you to drag and drop elements onto your web page. This facilitates design customization with no or less understanding of coding and related stuff.

Static Websites

Dynamic websites are losing the race than static website design for providing online content. Presently, several bloggers have moved towards this preference as it is high-performing, low cost, and present superior security. Static website generators effortlessly renovate simple text to static websites or blogs, crafting a great option to create websites.

Use of Javascript is Increasing

JavaScript is renowned for its system of frameworks, libraries, and tools. Web developers are required to gain knowledge about the JavaScript fundamentals like pure Functions, Promises, Classes, Closures, RAIL, Node, Express, etc.

The Popularity of Cinemagraphs is Augmenting

GIFs or videos that are running in the nonstop loop are previously being used on a lot on social media websites and that is soon being featured on other websites too. These cinema graphs are the best and innovative way of conveying messages in little time with ease.