Know About the Types of Google Penalty

11th Sep 2018
Know About the Types of Google Penalty

Nobody wants Google penalty.

For an online business owner or blogger getting penalized is the worst nightmare. The consequences of getting a Google penalty can be distressing. This leads to sudden lost organic search visibility, traffic, and revenues.

It can be tough to recover from the painful condition but not impossible. For Google penalty recovery of your website, firstly you should know about the reason of penalty.

When you notice a sudden drop in rankings, possibly there are two major kinds of penalties you can get. First is the manual action from Google’s team and the algorithmic penalty is the other one.

Manual action is performed by experts of Google team who evaluates the quality of the website and based on various factors report you as spam or penalize. When your website lacks E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) your chances of getting Google penalty increase.

For example, a medical site providing all kinds of medical information and advice for users, but not having real E-A-T, Google may place a filter causing a demotion to the site.

To identify if your website is penalized by manual action, you can go to Google Webmaster Tools and check the latest warnings or notifications about the unnatural links. Manual penalties are easy to detect that algorithm penalty.

Now, come to algorithm penalty. These are to worry about as can burn your rankings quickly without any notification and the source is likely Penguin or Panda. Penguin and panda are not the penalties; instead, they are the fantastic algorithms with unique learning mechanism of Google that works on a set of rules. They cause penalties if a site is violating the rules.

The Penguin algorithm targets site’s with over-optimized anchor text and unnatural backlink profiles.

The Panda algorithm marks duplicate and low-quality content that thwarts user experience.

You might face an algorithm penalty if having bad backlinks like –

  • Website with duplicate, low or bad quality content
  • Unrelated website links
  • Forum profile or spam comments
  • Links from gambling or adult sites, etc.

About 90% of Google penalties are related to the bad backlinks so save your website by getting good backlinks and de-index the bad ones.

Once, you got the reason for Google penalty you can find out different ways to recover from it.

We will provide the best tips and guidelines about Google penalty recovery soon.