How To Speak To Seniors And Colleagues About SEO

3rd Dec 2018
How To Speak To Seniors And Colleagues About SEO

In any organization, there are different departments with different works and importance. It is not necessary that people of every department know the work of other departments. When you have been working in SEO, it is quite possible that other people do not geek out about redirects, 404s, spiders, backlinks, indexing, and canonicals the way you do. Instead, you may get a confused or black look when you discuss these elements publically. But, sometimes it becomes essential to let the leaders and seniors know about the importance of SEO for raising funds you better SEO. Convincing them to bolster their SEO budgets can be challenging.

Here, are some communicating tips you can follow to make them understand your choices and tactics about SEO efficiently.

Introduce SEO terminology

Firstly let them understand the SEO terminology as this will assist to know the field as every field has its own jargon. Give time to them to learn the basics of SEO and clearly define the terms so your communication becomes easier. This will also help them to understand your work and its importance.

Explain your actions

SEO is a field that does not yield quick results. So explain them the course of action so that they can trust you and can be patient. With lacking tangible benchmarks and no set timeframes, it might become difficult to convince the boss. So keep the big frame and let them know your actions and its possible reactions.

Prepare right and easy explanations

Forgetting your demanded funds, you need to prepare the right explanations for the audience. Format the presentation in their language so that they can understand better and your work of convincing becomes a bit easier.


You may expect black and sarcastic remarks when talking to others having no or very less knowledge of SEO. Don’t let them think that you are taking benefit of their ignorance or less understanding. Here you require the documentation and data to back up your SEO strategy, your claims and your reports of victory. Stay focused on the particular metrics that appears most interesting and beneficial to your audience.