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SEO Mistakes: Avoid Being Kicked Out By Search Engines

27th Dec 2017

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the technique to get ahead of others in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. There is no doubt that SEO is vital for websites to earn traffic. Organisations invest a lot of time, effort, and money to optimise their websites for search engines. But is it possible they could be doing just the opposite? Are they committing SEO mistakes that are pushing them down rather than up the rankings of search engines?

Some Useful SEO Terms To Remember

22nd Dec 2017

If a tourist goes to a foreign country he is most likely to come across an alien language. He will not be able to understand what the natives are saying. They will also scratch their heads when he tries to tell them something. Basically it will appear like a funny scene of total confusion right out of Hollywood.

Content Is The Boss In SEO

20th Dec 2017

One of the important aspects of SEO is content. Content and SEO go hand in hand. They are like the two sides of a coin, inseparable from each other. What constitutes content on a website? It includes all the blogs, articles, videos, images, and infographics on the website and are accessible to the user. When we talk of content it does not mean any content. The content has to be clean, original, interesting and informative.

When Does SEO Efforts Bear Fruits?

19th Dec 2017

Suppose a new business starts a website. They hire the best SEO manager to enable their website to stand out. The manager implements the latest SEO techniques on the webpages right from great content to keywords and links. Every thing seems to work smoothly. Subsequently, this gives rise to an obvious question. When will the SEO methods start working? How soon will the traffic to their website flow in? All very good questions but a tad too early.

Best Search Engines of the World

18th Dec 2017

Is there life beyond Google? This search engine has become so much a part of our everyday life that it is difficult to imagine there could be other websites like Google. What is the first thing you do if you have a query? You just Google it! Matter is solved! The word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) would have just been invented for Google.

Top 2017 SEO Blogs Contenders For 2018

15th Dec 2017

The year 2017 is coming to an end. The new year 2018 is almost on the door steps. The current top SEO blogs have managed to maintain their position throughout 2017. In the ever changing world of the internet, these SEO blogs have still remained on top of the popularity charts at the end of the year. Will they remain on the top in 2018? Only time can tell. Are you a business owner looking to increase traffic on your website? Or a blog user trying to attract readers?

How To Start A Great Blog?

13th Dec 2017

Finally you have decided to write a blog. Maybe writing is your passion and you want to express your thoughts to the world. You want to become the future Mark Twain or a JK Rowling and think that a blog is a good way to make a start. Or perhaps making some extra money by utilizing SEO techniques is on your mind. You have been hearing about all those famous blogs and how they are minting money. You also want to try out and find out if blog writing is your cup of tea.

Tips to Increase Website Traffic Within a Short Time

12th Dec 2017

It is raining websites. They have become so popular that when a new business is started first and foremost the promoters consider having a website. It is estimated that around 100 thousand websites are launched every day around the world. A new website is like a new born deer in the jungle. It should be up and running withing a short time. If it does not, it is likely to pounced upon and devoured by its predators (read competitors).

Obvious SEO Tips and Tricks Which You Miss

6th Dec 2017

From the heading you can understand that this article is about SEO tips and tricks. When you begin an article it is mandatory to define the topic. But the word SEO has become so popular nowadays that I am feeling silly to define it. It is like doing a cooking show and trying to explain what a gas stove is. So I am going to skip telling you what SEO means and straightaway go to some obvious tips and tricks to help search engines prioritize your webpage.

SEO in the Noble Field of Healthcare & Medical Industry

4th Dec 2017

If there was a critical need for SEO in any field, the medical industry would be top in the list. Healthcare is one of the most sought after service in the world. Not only because it is an important field but also because it is an emergency services sector where minutes and even seconds are crucial. The hospital and clinician service is one of the largest industry in the world.