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Tips to Use Voice Search in SEO for Your Business

3rd Aug 2018

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” One of the famous quotes encourages people to perk up their businesses’ online presence. SEO plays a vital role in improving the online presence of any website is a very well-known fact. And, voice search is becoming a growing trend in the world of search and indeed something that SEOs should keep their eyes on.

How to Search on Google Effectively

16th Jan 2018

When an internet user needs to find anything on the World Wide Web, first thing he does is to ask Google. He types in the necessary word or words and Google displays the relevant results. Most of the time he is satisfied with the results. But under certain circumstances Google does not provide the exact answers we are looking for. The answers to the query might not be what we are looking for. This looks like an interesting case study for people interested in SEO and search engine rankings.

What Did Indians Search for in 2017?

12th Jan 2018

It is always good to know what people are searching on Google and other portals. For the SEO professional it is crucial to understand trends and what is popular. It helps in understanding what works and what does not. Knowing the past trends also helps in predicting the future trends. Indians have taken to the internet as fish to water. In our country the internet usage is increasing gradually but surely.

Businesses Which Can Benefit From SEO

10th Jan 2018

Few years back when you required a particular product or service the first thing you would refer to was the Yellow pages. This business directory could be found everywhere: in homes, offices, clubs and libraries. And you could get these thick books absolutely free. You just needed to look out for the listing of the desired product and call their offices. The bigger the Ad of the manufacturer, the more the chances of them being noticed.

Google Algorithms and its Impact on SEO

9th Jan 2018

SEO is an ever evolving field. What rules were valid yesterday may or may not be true today. Similarly what rules are applicable today may no longer be applicable in their pure form in the future. Search engines are in a major way responsible for how the common person uses SEO. Google for example wants to provide the best experience for users. Hence, they are changing the way they provide search results. In the past unethical folks used SEO to their advantage to provide substandard content.

Get Extra Business Edge With Local SEO

8th Jan 2018

Just a decade or so back SEO was quite different. Whatever updates and changes that we see now in search engine rankings were absent few years back. The criteria for ranking on Google and other search engines has changed radically. During those times there was no difference between normal and local SEO. But today with changing business environments, search engines have become more specific and geographically narrow. And that’s how local SEO came into the picture.

7 Tips to Hire the Right SEO Company

3rd Jan 2018

Does your website show on the top of search engines when you type the relevant keywords? Is your company visible on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines? If the answer is no, then you are practically invisible for potential customers who are searching for your products. A good search engine visibility is key to business success. What your website is missing is proper SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Writing for the Web: Print vs Online

2nd Jan 2018

Before the advent of the internet and SEO, books and newspapers were our medium of reading. It was the usual practice to browse through the morning newspaper on our way to work. Subscriptions to libraries and reading halls was the norm. Remember when you use to sit for hours in the library reading your favorite novel. An ideal way to spend your weekend morning was to leaf through your favorite magazine while sipping on a cup of tea or coffee.

Marketing Your Resort Through SEO

29th Dec 2017

I have been to a beautiful resort on a scenic hill station. I got to know it from a friend who had visited it the previous year. This resort has all the necessities a tourist could wish for. It has a beautiful valley view, delicious food, 24 hours prompt room service, and clean and hygienic interiors. Even the rates are affordable. There is one problem though. When you search on google, this resort can be found on the 4th page. It is as good as being invisible from the SEO point of view.

The Mobile Revolution: SEO for Mobile

28th Dec 2017

More than a decade back people waiting at public places were either found reading newspapers, or talking with somebody, or just staring around. There was one gadget which had still not made its appearance then–the ubiquitous mobile phone. But in the present day, wherever you look around in a public place you are most likely to see people staring into their mobile phones. Either they are checking their emails, or reading something on the net, or maybe just giggling at some joke on whatsapp.