Tips to Use Voice Search in SEO for Your Business

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” One of the famous quotes encourages people to perk up their businesses’ online presence. SEO plays a vital role in improving the online presence of any website is a very well-known fact. And, voice search is becoming a growing trend in the world of search and indeed something that SEOs should keep their eyes on.

Voice search or voice enables search allows users to give a command to their mobile or internet device by speaking instead of writing. Users of voice search are constantly increasing. Other than computers and phones now home assistant and smart speakers are offered to you that helps you to search whatever you want from anywhere in your space. The search has become more convenient, simple and effective with the voice search options available today in almost every internet device.

People are getting influence to type no more kind of phrases. And, this will cause an impact on the social presence of your business website. To stay ahead and to reach maximum users it’s time to leverage voice search to optimize your business website or application.

Some tips to use voice search in your business

Include informal tone in content

Try to use informal, user-friendly language that people use. It improves your chances of getting more users. Individuals generally use it most while driving or when involve in some other activities so informal phrases like ‘which is the best SEO company Navi Mumbai can help.

Add FAQ pages

A simple approach to using conversational spoken language is to add question and answers pages in an informal tone to your website.

Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly, Not a new term in SEO. As voice search users are more on mobile make your business website user-friendly.

Long-tail keywords and phrases

Try to use long-tail keywords probably answering the queries of users. ‘Where is, ‘what is’, ‘best for’, ‘nearby me’ and related words in your keywords can help a lot. Try to offer more relevant answers to their questions.

Keep eye on mostly asked questions

Try to answer the questions your targeted audience desire in a concise way. Including answers to frequent questions like best SEO services in Mumbai near me can help.


The best way to find out the impact of your efforts and strategies is to do it yourself. Use voice search with different phrases and questions to understand how it works for your website. On the basis of results, you can compare your rankings and improve the strategies for better results.