SEO Interview Questions to Triumph the Job

Yes, we are back with some more SEO related questions. This can make you well-versed and help to crack hard interviews.

Earlier, we discussed some basic questions about SEO and its related terms. Now we can move a bit further to enhance your knowledge and understanding.

Questions on On-page optimization

Que1. What is the significance of keyword research and its tools available in the market?

Ans1. Keyword research is essential to understand the users demand a specific service or product in addition to knowing the keyword search volumes.

There are several keyword research tools available and some of the most useful and efficient are Google Keyword Planner, Google Auto-suggestion, Bing Keyword Tool, Uber Suggest, and WordStream keyword tool.

Que2. Tell some imperative on page techniques?

Ans2. Unique title with a relevant keyword, Appropriate meta description tag, Use of heading in right order, Search engine friendly URLs, Social Sharing, Correct Internal linking, High-class, unique content with keyword density, Prearranged data in the page, Latent semantic keywords, Schema incorporation.

Que3. What is the right title tag length?

Ans3. 55-60 is the optimal length for the title tag.

Que4. Explain Meta description and its use?

Ans4. The meta description is the summary appears in the SERP of about 155 characters. We can use keywords in Meta description to improve the CTR of any page.

Questions on OFF-page Optimization

Que5. What are link building and its importance?

Ans5. Links in Link building are the sign to Google to facilitate your site is an excellent resource admirable of citation. So, sites with more backlinks are liable to earn superior rankings.

Que6. Explain how to do link building?

Ans.6 we can set our rules to do good link building like

Checking the quality of Backlink (PR, PA, DA must be good)

the content among sites should be relevant

using Anchor Text properly

Avoid site-wide links

Avoid links from low-quality sites

Que7. Define no follow link?

Ans7. Link with an attribute rel=”Nofollow” is said No Follow backlink. These do not surpass any PR value, although supportive for link diversity. YouTube, Facebook are some of the examples of No Follow backlinks.

Now, you have much knowledge about SEO. But, having practical knowledge of the things is more important. So, it is better to try using the tools and learn more fruitfully. This will not only perk up your knowledge but also enhances your confidence.

We will surely bring up more questions soon.