Retain SEO Effortlessly While Website Redesign

The decision to redesign your old business website is a good opportunity to come up with fresh content, look, and energy. This can increase your overall business growth, a number of potential clients as well as revenues. But, it can hurt your hard-earned organic traffic and rankings if not done correctly. Redesigning an existing website requires more attention and efforts to retain and improve the current SEO status.

Follow these tips and do not decimate your organic traffic – Before the beginning

Think about the SEO before touching your site to redesign. Prefer professional Website Designing Services to get the best results if lacking developer team of your own.

Backup your current site. Now it’s time to set a development website to no index, no follow. Make sure the entire important search engine responsive URLs are working right.

Remove outdated pages

Use the opportunity to remove the useless or old pages at this stage to lighten your website. Old promotional offers or contests page of no use should be removed.

Content design

Update the existing content; bring up fresh elements in it. Make sure the spelling errors, grammar and proofread is done fruitfully. You can change the quality, look, and style of the content to make it more engaging and catchy. Evaluate content for accurate Meta title and description used.

Accumulate the benchmark metrics

Keep all the essential website data counting ranking, indexed pages, organic traffic, revenues, and conversion rate website previously. You can compare further it with the new website when goes live.

At the time of Website redesign

Configure robot.txt to prevent your site from getting indexed. You can hire the best Web Development Company in Mumbai India. They have years of experience in website redesigning making them provide excellent redesign without hurting your SEO.

Let the development and SEO team work hand in hand

Proper alliance amid the teams throughout the redesign process is important to make the things smooth and profitable.

Ensure correct description, page title, and heading tags

Make sure all the descriptions, tags and titles are proper in each page,

Check the internal and external links

Whether you are adding new pages or not, ensure all the links are redirecting to the right site. For newly added links try to link them with older good ranking pages.

Check all the images and alt tags. Check responsiveness as well.

A coming soon page

It is better to put a coming soon message or something like that for non-working functionalities for your visitors when the redesigning is in process.

Post website redesign checks

Certainly, your site’s navigation should work efficiently and the 301 redirects are ok.

Create new robot.txt for your newly designed website. Additionally, craft an XML sitemap for Google search console.

Now you can observe the magic of website redesign by observing the changes in rankings and traffic.