Obvious SEO Tips and Tricks Which You Miss

From the heading you can understand that this article is about SEO tips and tricks. When you begin an article it is mandatory to define the topic. But the word SEO has become so popular nowadays that I am feeling silly to define it. It is like doing a cooking show and trying to explain what a gas stove is. So I am going to skip telling you what SEO means and straightaway go to some obvious tips and tricks to help search engines prioritize your webpage. Though they are obvious, people tend to overlook them again and again. The reason could be that they come to know some latest SEO techniques and choose to ignore the old ideas. Whatever the reasons, you just cannot do away with some basic stuff to get your blog to rank on the first page.

1) Content is the king:

Though this is an obvious SEO method, users are misusing it or have not understood the fundamentals. I cannot overemphasize the importance of content. This is one of the crucial factors to help search engines locate you. But beware, do not write for search engines. If you do, your article will appear a mess, unworthy of reading. If you write with the reader in mind you will create a truly engaging article. People will flock to your blog or website, if you provide them with useful information. Don’t write content which looks like it is meant for robots or automatons. Keep your primary consumer in mind and you would surely come up with great content. Your goal is to not only entertain the reader but also inform him.

Also when it comes to content, you need to offer unique content to sustain interest. If the content on your blog is more or less similar to ten other blogs, you will not stand apart from the rest. So you need to set standards for unique novel content to attract viewership.

2) Keywords, keywords, keywords:

If content is king, keywords would be the queen. Keywords in SEO terminology are the words people use in search engines to locate the information they need. If you want to have a successful website the keywords on your website should be matching to what people are searching for. Keywords cannot be just randomly selected. Careful research and analysis goes into picking of keywords. But it is all worth it as the right keywords help you get higher rankings by search engines, more sales orders, and greater visibility. Do not force keywords where they will look awkward. This trick will backfire and you will lose credibility.

3) Use of videos:

If you use a picture it will just define a topic, but a video will provide a complete description. Suppose you own a resort. If you post photos of the various sections of your resorts it will just paint half the picture. But if you shoot a video of your resort and post it, it will portray a more realistic picture. Prospective customers are more likely to be interested in booking your resort. This also helps search engines realize that your website has rich media information. If you can, have a transcript of the audio part of the video which aids in its findability. Lastly remember to upload your videos on youtube so that your website doesn’t slow down during peak season. I do not wish to get into the SEO tips and tricks for youtube as that would cover a whole new article. You can read more about that on the net.

4) Optimized for mobile and tablets:

It is happening and everybody is noticing it. A mobile phone revolution is taking place and it is happening at a lightning pace. Almost every other person is using a smart phone. If your website or blog is not optimized for mobile, you are missing a lot. Mobile optimization is nothing but giving the best possible experience for mobile users when they access your website from smartphones. Screen sizes, page speed, fonts etc. are some of the aspects taken care of during mobile optimization. Do not forget about other similar devices such as tablets etc. This is another obvious SEO tips and tricks which many fail to tap into.

Thus when you are tuned into latest SEO techniques, make sure you are not missing out on the fundamental strategies. New tactics will always come and go, but the basics will always be there.