Businesses Which Can Benefit From SEO

Few years back when you required a particular product or service the first thing you would refer to was the Yellow pages. This business directory could be found everywhere: in homes, offices, clubs and libraries. And you could get these thick books absolutely free. You just needed to look out for the listing of the desired product and call their offices. The bigger the Ad of the manufacturer, the more the chances of them being noticed. Another way to look out for your desired product was to call your landline telephone inquiry number and ask them.

With the advent of the internet and SEO, the yellow pages can hardly be found anywhere. People have stopped referring to these directories. These business friendly books were a cheap and easy way to get noticed not only for national companies but also for the local industries too. The landline telephone number has also taken a backstage. With the birth of mobile phones you can hardly find a proper landline phone. But businesses and industries will continue to need to be noticed. Some of them cannot afford the expensive hoardings, TV and newspaper advertisements or a marketing team.

There is a solution for such companies who want to be noticed by the general public but are on a shoestring budget. The answer is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. For some, who are not so tech savvy, it is vital to get used to this acronym. In layman’s terms, it is about getting your business noticed on the internet. An ideal place on the internet is on the first page of search engines. That’s where your business gets noticed. Several businesses can utilize this internet strategy but there are some who can reap the maximum benefit. The best businesses to target for SEO are given below. See if you are one of them:

1) A New Business
A business which has just commenced operations, or a Startup for short, can tremendously benefit from SEO. Startups in the beginning have very less or almost zero awareness in the market. Also they do not have the necessary budget to advertise their brand or products. One way to get people to know about their business is to use the power of SEO. It is cheaper as well as easy to use. Only requirement is to post fresh unique content regularly and optimize through appropriate keywords.

2) Handyman Services
Plumbers, electricians, house repair workmen all are essential services. Usually they do not advertise their services. So suppose on one very hot day in summer your ceiling fan stops working. You need an electrician to fix it. If you are not aware of any electrician, what is the first place you look? Obviously by googling it on your mobile. Such essential handyman services could benefit a lot by using SEO to highlight their businesses. They can enlist on local online directories or use Google My Business tool. This is a free and easy to use tool for businesses to manage their online presence.

3) Bars and Restaurants
I do not know about others, but when I get bored of eating at a particular restaurant I search online to find a new restaurant. There I find menus, recent prices, images, special dishes and the contact details of the restaurants. Certainly the Bar and Restaurant business can benefit in a big way by using SEO. It is the perfect way to attract more customers to your restaurant. With the right SEO, restaurants and bars will not only rank higher in search engine pages but also in popularity and sales.

4) Real Estate Offices
Cities are growing and expanding. The construction industry is thriving day by day. Everywhere one can see new buildings and offices coming up. People are looking for cheaper houses with better facilities. Businessmen are searching for better offices and shops to market their products. What do you do in such cases? Approach real estate offices and agents to get you the right property at the right price. Real estate agents are usually aware of each and every available property in their area. Their clients are mostly educated people who have better awareness of technology. So it is wise for such real estate people to get noticed on the internet by harnessing SEO strategies.

5) Hospitals and Clinics
Whenever you need specialized medical or any other routine services you usually look up on the net. It provides you vital clues as to the nature of the medical services offered. From the review sections you can guess how good or bad they are. From the medical articles you can get more information about a particular disease and its treatments. Hospitals and clinics being local in nature will definitely benefit from local SEO. With increasing competition among doctors and other medical practitioners you need that extra edge to stand out. Thus the medical industry can use some SEO best practices to get noticed.

Apart from other industries, these businesses can really benefit from SEO. They need to get more visibility and more traffic for them to grow.