Best SEO Strategies for Deleted or Withdrawn Business Products Online

22nd Oct 2018
Best SEO Strategies for Deleted or Withdrawn Business Products Online

Surfing an online website to buy some new dresses, selected the best one suiting your size and budgets, now you click on to buy the product but found that the website does not have that product anymore.

Disappointed right!

The same your users may feel when they land to your business website page with discontinued or deleted product. This can be a inadequate and annoying user experience.

So, here are some effective SEO strategies you can follow to let your users not to use redirection experience disappointment while using your e-commerce website.

Use redirection for Deleted Product’s class Page. You can use ‘A 301 redirect’ for better SEO for you deleted or unavailable items on your website. it would increase the ranking in the category pages. Additionally, it will decrease the chances of making users go back and visiting your competitors’ website.

You can also point the redirection to a highly relevant or similar product manually. It will give you a high conversion rate and also keep the customers engaged in getting better options than what they want. It also lets you direct the flow of social metrics and Google rankings from product to another. As a result, you can be in better positions in SERPs for long with any loss.

Another way is to simply use Custom 404 Page. An error page will well inform your users that the product is no more available on your site. But, along with this, you can provide a search box for finding the relevant items.

Also, provide the information about the deleted product like the reason for deletion or when it would next be available, etc. This will help your visitors to make better decisions.

Do whatever you can do to retain your rankings but never mislead or confuse your customers as this may make you lose them forever. Be clear and clever to keep up your SEO rankings and serve your customers at your best.