8 Effective SEO Strategies For 2016

7th Apr 2016
8 Effective SEO Strategies For 2016

Having good command over your SEO seems to get a significant amount of revenue for your business. SEO is the best way to keep your online business reachable to the audience. However, it is an ongoing process. You require constant maintenance and improvement of the SEO for keeping the ranking you worked so hard for. To keep up yourself with the latest trend and SEO strategies, you need to keep the ball rolling.

Content and links are the two main items required for ranking in search engines. It can be difficult to create great genuine content and generating the links. The search engines like Google have numerous ranking factors vary from one another.

Here, are some of the effectual SEO strategies for 2016 that can help you getting and staying in the top rankings –

SEO Mentor –

Today, mentor in terms of SEO means that can bring extra links to your blog or website. A social mentor at your bay means more audience, more links, and more shares. This can be you or any creative person from your company that can create interesting content on which people trusts. Engage potential customers via social media platforms like twitter and Facebook.

Mobile ready website –

From the last Google updates, we got the hint that you need to have mobile friendly websites. In 2016, you have to be mobile –ready. Responsive design, dynamic serving, and the mobile-friendly site can aid you to win the game. Moreover, you can have all the marbles with a well-functioning app. Apply SEO to your app as well to get the best results.

Generate your own content marketing strategy –

The search engine is a vast pool of content. To make your content visible and liked by people you need to have some specific content marketing strategies. For your every website, you need to have a strategy on accordance with the keywords. Constant updates and creation of quality keyword-rich content give a positive sign to search engines leading to increasing your social presence. This makes Google know that your website is alive and active that results as a whole in the betterment of your website.

Get powerful backlinks –

Powerful content marketing strategies and SEO influencers can bring good backlinks to your website. However, this is not enough; you need to seek out for more effectual ways for more backlinks. Writing for large publications, observing the backlinks of competitors and applying similar strategies, etc. can help in attaining the goal. Make more people to engage and share your blogs, posts, videos. for genuine and powerful backlinks. You can achieve so by presenting a bunch of interesting, fun-filled sort of content for them on a regular basis.

Creative content creation or video content –

High-quality written only content is the backbone of effective SEO. However, we are moving ahead in the new generation of creativity and innovation, so you need to make your content more creative with images, videos, etc. This can help your content visible easily. Without regular video feeds may lag you behind and affect the ROI. So, be ready and encourage your creative content team to design attractive and engaging content with visuals for attracting more customers.

Add schema.org markup to your site –

Schema.org is a markup that you can put in the code that helps Google to locate the videos, log, reviews, images, content, etc. on your site. Structured markup websites get high rankings and benefits, hinted in the last Google updates.

Make your site secure, Move your website to https –

Moving your website to https instead of http can help you to rank more as the websites with https are considered as more secure websites. The Google is giving ranking to the secure sites, so in 2016 many sites are moving to https. It can also provide more benefits including increased referrer data to your site.

Add long tail keywords –

Effective keyword research is the basic step for a good SEO. Ranking the short tail keywords has become very difficult currently. Focusing on long-tail keywords as general language search is becoming more pervasive and popular. Thus, incorporate long tail keywords in your content to get best results.

Hope, these tips will help you win the race and crack the traps of search engines to rank well.